Journal Articles

Here is a list of EURoot funded journal articles as of January 2015


Beudeza N, Doussan C, Lefeuve-Mesgouez G, Mesgouez A 2012. Influence of three root spatial arrangement on soil water flow and uptake. Results from an explicit and an equivalent, uspscaled, model. Procedia Environmental Sciences 19:37-46 PDF

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Fiorani F, Schurr U (2013) Future scenarios for plant phenotyping. Annual review of plant biology 64, 267-291

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Ahmadi N, Audebert A, Bennett M, Bishopp A, Costa de Oliveira A, Courtois B, Diedhiou A, Diévart A, Gantet P, Ghesquière A, Guiderdoni E, Henry A, Inukai Y, Kochian L, Laplaze L, Lucas M, Luu D, Manneh B, Mo X, Muthurajan R, Périn C, Price A, Robin S, Sentenac H, Sine B, Uga Y, Véry AA, Wissuwa M, Wu P, Xu J (2015) The roots of future rice harvests. Rice 7:29. doi:10.1186/s12284-014-0029-y PDF

Marzec M, Melzer M, Szarejko I. 2015. Root hair development in the grasses: what we already know and what we still need to know? Plant Physiology, 168:407-414.

Zandt DI, Marié CL, Kirchgessner N, Visser EJW and Hund A 2015 High-resolution quantification of root dynamics in split-nutrient rhizoslides reveals rapid and strong proliferation of maize roots in response to local high nitrogen. J Ex Bot doi:10.1093/jxb/erv307 PDF

Vetterlein D., Doussan .C, 2016, Root age distribution: How does it matter in plant processes? A focus on water uptake, Plant and Soil (in press)

Colombi T, Kirchgessner N, Le Marié CA, York LM, Lynch JP, Hund A (2015) Next generation shovelomics: set up a tent and REST. Plant Soil:1-20. PDF

Lobet G, Pound MP, Diener J, Pradal C, Draye X, Godin C, Javaux M, Leitner D, Meunier F, Nacry P, Pridmore TP and Schnepf A. 2015 Root System Markup Language: Toward a Unified RootArchitecture Description Language. Plant Physiology 167: 617-627. PDF



Plant Roots: New challenges in a changing world Special issue of Journal of Experimental Botany

Chwialkowska K, Nowakowska U, Mroziewicz A, Szarejko I, Kwasniewski M. 2016. Water-deficiency conditions differently modulate the methylome of roots and leaves in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.). PDF

Janiak A, Kwasniewski M, Szarejko I. 2016 Gene expression regulation in roots under drought.

Kwasniewski M, Daszkowska-Golec A, Janiak A, Chwialkowska K, Nowakowska U, Sablok G, Szarejko I. 2016. Transcriptome analysis reveals the role of the root hairs as environmental sensors to maintain plant functions under water deficiency conditions. doi:10.1093/jxb/erv498 PDF

Opitz N, Marcon C, Paschold A, Malik WA, Lithio A, Brandt R, Piepho HP, Nettleton D, Hochholdinger F 2016. Exceptional tissue-specific transcriptomic plasticity in maize primary roots upon water deficit PDF

Kalogiros DI, Adu MO, White PJ, Broadley MR, Draye X, Ptashnyk M, Bengough AG, Dupuy LX 2016. Analysis of root growth from a phenotyping dataset using a density-based model

Maccaferri M, Elfeki W, Gashemali N, Salvi S, Canè MA, Colalongo MC, Stefanelli S, Tuberosa R 2016. Prioritizing QTLs for root system architecture in tetraploid wheat

Mori A, Fukuda T, Vejchasarn P, Pariasca-Tanaka J, Wissuwa M 2016. The role of root size versus root efficiency in phosphorus (P) acquisition of rice


Erel R, Bérard A, Capowiez L, Doussan C, Arnal D, Souche G, Gavaland A, Fritz C, Visser EJW, Salvi S, Le Marié C, Hund A, Hinsinge P 2016. Soil type determines how root and rhizosphere traits relate to phosphorus acquisition in field-grown maize genotypes. Plant and Soil DOI 10.1007/s11104-016-3127-3 PDF



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