Posters at ISRR, Dundee June 2012

Here you can see posters submitted by EURoot members to the

8th International Society for Root Research's meeting "Roots for the Future" in Dundee in June 2012

EURoot overview poster EURoot_poster_IRRS_meeting_2012A4.pdf

Tim George et al., JHI on rhizosheaths RhizosheathDundeeISRR2012.pdf

Brigitte Courtois, Alain Auderbert et al., CIRAD on rice root phenotyping Poster_IRRS_2012_Dundee_Audebertal.pdf

Andi Hund et al, ETH Zurich on rhizotrons and digital imaging ISRR_Le_Marie_final.pdf

Kwaniewski et al, University of Slaski on iRootHair, a database on root hairs Kwasniewski_Dundee_2012_s.pdf